In Roman mythology, the city was founded by two brothers, who had been raised by a wolf: Romulus and Remus. As Roman domination spread through Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean, however, Roman art absorbed this Etruscan style and the Etruscan influence included temple architecture, sculpture, portraiture and wall painting. Also influenced by the art of the Hellenistic world, Plutarch, writing in the 2nd century AD.

In the later republic and early imperial period Greek artists were brought to Rome where they designed buildings, repaired sculptures and made new ones, and the Hellenization of Roman culture was continually forwarded. Original Greek statues were copied by Roman artists, though usually in marble rather than bronze, and removed from their original contexts. The portrait bust became a popular form, tending to be more realist than Greek portraiture. 

Well-known art work includes:

Augustus of Promaporta


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