Early and High Renaissance

Early Renaissance art wast developed in the city of Florence in Central Italy in the fourteenth century, introduced by poets: Dante and Petrarch. Petrarch believed that the culture of the Roman Empire was the apex of human achievement, and Dante's contribution was his Divine Comedy, offering a final reconciliation between Aristotelian philosophy and Christianity. The Early Renaissance melding of philosophy and Christian thought would be beautifully illustrated during the High Renaissance by Raphael Sanzio in the Vatican's Stanza della Segnatura. 

Early Renaissance painting, sculpture, and literature in Italy were also influenced by an influx of scholars who migrated to Rome following the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The arrival of these scholars generated new interest in ancient Greek and Roman learning with a re-examination of ancient Greek and Roman texts. This humanist learning and study of the antique was reflected in Early Renaissance art in painting, sculpture and literature. 

Well-known art work includes:

Ghiberti's Doors

Michelangelo’s First Painting


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